CAI Monti Lattari


Upper Trail of the chain of "Monti Lattari" (second part)

Starting Location Lettere (Monte Cerreto)
Ending Location Massa Lubrense (Termini)

Trail info

Main info about the trail


The track “Torca Recommone” is difficult to find due to the thick vegetation. The pass at “S.M. Costanzo” is dangerous and slippery in the event of rain.

How to get there
Either continuing from the first part of the upper trail of Mount Cerreto or, from the opposite side, via the hamlet of "Termini" in "Massa Lubrense" or via the related trails.
Points of interest along the trail
Peak M.Cerreto (1316), Mègano (1050), M.Rotondo (1023), Palmentiello, Castellone (1150), Croce della Conocchia (1314), Caserma della Forestale (767), Intersection 331 S.Maria del Castello (663), M.Comune (877), M.Vico Alvano (642), Intersection 347a Colli S.Pietro (312), Intersection 335 Colli di Fontanelle (343), Malacoccola, Torca (352), Recommone (0), Intersection 339 Nerano (200), M.S.Costanzo (486), Punta Campanella (36), Intersection 355 Termini
Water points
Acqua Vrecciara Sorgente Acqua Santa Santa Maria del Castello Colli S.Pietro Colli di Fontanelle Torca Nerano


From Mount Cerreto, follow the track to Piani di S. Erasmo until “Megano”. Access the “Riserva Integrale” through the main gate and proceed until the “Imbarrata”. Take a turn on the right along the peak of Mount S. Angelo and ascend towards “Colle Sughero”. Walk alongside a dry stone wall until “Crocella” and ascend towards “Palmentiello” on the northern side of the chain. Ascend to “Castellone” and then take a turn left towards “Molare”. At the intersection “Molare-Conocchia” take a right towards “Conocchia” and follow the track up to the peak. At the altitude of 1050 meters, take a turn left leading to “Caserma della Forestale”. From here, take a right towards “S. Maria del Castello”. Proceed towards “Punta Calabrice” e “M.Comune” following the signals until the “Sella di Cesina”. Ascend towards “M.Vico Alvano”. Just before this location, at the oak, descend towards “P.zo Colonna” and “Colli S.Pietro”. From here, cross the main road (SS 163) and proceed along it towards “Colli di Fontanelle”. At the first hairpin turn, leave the main road and proceed towards “Malacoccola”, “Monticello” e “Torca”. From the square in “Torca” descend towards “Nula” and keep the same altitude until “Pineta”. Starting here, the track becomes dangerous and can be avoided by using the “Spina” track along trail 355 until “Termini”. Should one decide to continue along the upper part of the “Monti Lattari” beware it is a very dangerous track, slippery all year round, dusty during the summer and muddy in case of rain. The descent through the valley of “Recommone” leads to the beach and to a fenced area. On the left of this, the road to “Nerano”. From the square of the hamlet follow the road for a while and then take a right to “M.S.Costanzo”. Take a left at the pass of “M.S.Costanzo” and follow the peak towards “Pezzalonga”. The first part is dangerous turning rocky until “Punta Campanella”. After taking a right, proceed straight ahead for 200 meters and then either descend left towards the “Lighthouse” or take a right towards “Termini”.

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  1. domenica 5 -03-2017 gli amici del gruppo PRONTI SI PARTE hanno iniziato a bonificare il tratto TORCA -RECOMMONE complimenti a chi dedica il tempo libero per non far sparire questi sentieri centenari

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