CAI Monti Lattari


Trail of the equestrians of Amalfi

Starting Location Gragnano (Valle dei Mulini)
Ending Location Agerola (Monte Rotondo)

Trail info

Main info about the trail

How to get there
From Piazza Arbury of Gragnano or from the spring of "Acqua Vrecciara".
Points of interest along the trail
Piazza Aubry/Valle dei Mulini di Gragnano (125), Castello (257), M.Pino (576), Acqua Fredda (945), Acqua Vrecciara (950), Intersection 300 M.Rotondo (1023)
Water points
Fontana piazza Aubry Acqua della Forma Fontana piazza Castello Acqua Fredda Acqua Vrecciara


The trail begins at the “Aubry Square” (the “tannery”), runs through the “Mills Valley of Gragnano” to the source of the “Forma” and goes back to the hamlet “Castello”.
On the right side of the millennial church of the “Assunta”, the trail continues to the valley del “Lavatoio”. Just before the valley that houses the famous Pimonte living crib, you take a detour to left that goes on “M.Pino”, first encountering the chapel of S.Giacomo and then, at the top, the remains of the “Castello di Pino” and the recently restored millenary church.
Continuing eastwards on “Colle Carpineto”, you can walk along the basalt road that connected the “Castello di Pino” to the “Ancient Republic of Amalfi”, until you reach the source of the “Acqua Fredda” and the surce of “Acqua Vrecciara”.
The trail ends at the intersection with the “Upper Trail of the Chain of Monti Lattari”.


The “Castello di Pino” was founded in the middle of the X century in an isolated position to control the crossing between Castellammare and Amalfi.
In 1241 it was repaired by Frederick II.

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  1. La valle dei mulini è su strada, molto bella e suggestiva. Venti minuti dopo aver imboccato il sentiero da Castello non sono riuscito a proseguire per la presenza di cani che fanno la guardia alle capre, a fianco di una casa che dà sul sentiero. Peccato

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