CAI Monti Lattari


Upper trail of "Valle delle Ferriere"

Starting Location Scala (Monte Rotondo)
Ending Location Agerola (Ammarrata (Imbarrata))

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How to get there
It can be reached on food, along the Upper trail of Monti Lattari (300) or one of the trails starting from Ravello (353), Scala (357), Amalfi (325, 359, 361a), Agerola (369, 363, 365)
Points of interest along the trail
Intersection 300 M.Rotondo (1023), Intersection 353 Piano del Ceraso (1036), Belvedere Mustaculo (1005), Il Castello (The Castle) (873), Intersection 351a Punta delle Castagne (715), Intersection 357 Pellagra (490), Fic'a Noce (460), Intersection 325 Frascale (450), Intersection 359 Paradiso (498), Acquolella (644), Intersection 361a Railo (737), Intersection 369 369a (760), Intersection 365 Monte (866), Pontichito, Croce di Scupolo (1078), Intersection 300 Ammarrata (Imbarrata) (1044).
Water points


The trail leads to the upper part of the “Vallone delle Ferriere”. It can also be a circular trail because the starting and ending point are only 1,5 km apart and are connected by trail 300. This trail could therefore begin in any of the arrival points of the connecting trails. The described trail begins in “Monte Rotondo” (1020 mt). Proceed north-east bound from the intersection with trail 300, without entering the fence of the “Riserva Naturale di Valle delle Ferriere”. After a ten minute walk, the trail connects with CAI 353 at the site called “Piano del Ceraso” (mt 1036). Across the plane is the “Belvedere Mustaculo” (1005 mt) a very panoramic landscape over Amalfi, Ravello and Scala. From the “Belvedere Mustaculo” the trail is classified EE (expert excursionist) because the downhill track is hidden by vegetation, steep, and dangerous. The track develops along a perilous path that leads to “Castello” (873 mt), once the northern stronghold of the Dukedom of Amalfi. At the intersection with 351a, take a right following the path leading to a mountain carved amphitheater, with hundred meter tall walls. Descend to “Pellagra” (490 mt) where the trail connects to CAI 357. From this location the trail is classified E. Proceed inside the “Vallone delle Ferriere” to the location “Fic’a Noce” (the fig and the walnut tree) at the summit of the Canneto stream, well known for being the stream that cuts the town of Amalfi. Cross the river on the opposite side, the water should be only a few centimeters high. Follow the path until the location “Prascale” (450 mt), connecting to CAI 325. Take a right towards “Paradiso” (498 mt) where the trail connects to CAI 325. Take a right towards “Acquolella” (644 mt) and the “Raito” (737 mt) where the trail connects to 361a. Take a right towards the northern side of Monte Murillo, connection to 369 and 369a CAI. Take a right towards Monte (866 mt) where the path connects to 365. Take a right towards Pontichito (916 mt). The path goes through “Croce di Scupolo” (m 1078) until di Imbarrata (m 1044), where it ends connecting to the upper trail of the Monti Lattari (CAI 300).

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