CAI Monti Lattari


From Sorrento to Crapolla via "Circumpiso"

Starting Location Sorrento
Ending Location Massa Lubrense (Crapolla)

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Main info about the trail

How to get there
Circumvesuviana Sorrento Station or crossroads with the "Upper Trail of chain of Monti Lattari" (trail n. 300) in Torca.
Points of interest along the trail
Circumvesuviana Sorrento Station (60), Circumpiso, S.Agata (395), Intersection 300 Torca (352), Intersection 300 Crapolla (200), Fiordo di Crapolla (0).
Water points
Sorrento Torca


The trail begins from the Circumvesuviana station in Sorrento.
Walk a short stretch of “Via Degli Aranci” and then take “Via Fuorimura” until to the intersection with “Via S. Lucia”, to walk until to the homonymous church.
At this point turn left onto “Via Talagnano” and then take the “Circumpiso”, a staircase connecting with “Sant’Agata”.
You will reach Sant’Agata after about one hour walking. Then, take the local main street (Torca direction). Once near Montana Hotel, turn right and take, after a few meters, the staircase on the left, leading to a valley with the entrance on the right of the trail to Crapolla.
The first part of the trail runs along the river “Larito” until to the “Belvedere La Guardia”, where a stone bench is located in a beautiful panoramic position.
Then, walk down the almost 700 stone steps (every 50 steps, a ceramic tile indicates progressive numbering) until to reach the “Cappella di San Pietro”, built with the same stones of the 1000 Monastery of the Black Benedictines and then the charming beach of the Crapolla fjord.
Now, enjoy the beach.
The trail is classified as T (easy) from Sorrento to Torca; E (medium) from Torca to Crapolla.


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