CAI Monti Lattari


From Atrani to "Monte Candelitto"

Starting Location Atrani (Atrani)
Ending Location Scala (Monte Candelitto)

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How to get there
The trail begins at the square "Piazza Umberto I" of Atrani, where you can get by car (the nearest parking is "Luna Rossa") or by SITA bus Amalfi-Salerno line. Atrani is about 700 meters far from Amalfi, where it is also possible to arrive by SITA bus Sorrento-Amalfi line or Agerola-Amalfi line, and from April to October, by ferries from Salerno, Capri, Positano or Sorrento.
Points of interest along the trail
Atrani (5), Intersection 351b 323 Pontone (274), Minuta (409), Intersection 357 Campidoglio (520), Intersection 351a Punta delle Castagne (695), Intersection 353 Rifugio Santa Maria dei Monti (1039), Intersection 300 (1158)
Water points
Atrani Pontone


From the main square of Atrani (“Piazza Umberto I”) (m 5), take the uphill staircase at the north side of the square (“Via Arte della Lana”) and, after about 200 mt, turn right onto “Via Carmine”, another ascending stairway that crosses the center of the city to its northern outskirts, where the “Via Fiume” begins, a long pedestrian way connecting Atrani to Pontone. The “Via Fiume” follows the right side of the valley at north of Atrani, called “Vallone del Dragone” by the name of the torrent crossing it. At 150 meters above sea level, Via Fiume continues along the downhill staircase to the left, the bridge crossing the river and then, a few meters later, along the uphill staircase leading to the other side of the valley, to the village of “Pontone”. At the end of Via Fiume you will be in “Pontone”, where you have to continue along the next staircase (“Via Speruto”) and then along the next staircase on the right (“Via Pisacane” and “Via Santa Maria del Carmine”) until to reach the intersection with the carriage road. Crossing the rotable, you have to take the pedestrian way starting from the opposite side (“Via Raffaele Di Palma”), passed that you have to pass under the arch on the left, to enter in “Piazza San Giovanni” of Pontone (m 274), where you can visit the 12th century church dedicated at the same Saint. From Piazza San Giovanni proceed north, along “Via San Filippo Neri”, where you will find after few meters the X century homonymous Church. You continue north until to altitude of 340 m, where, taking a short swing to the left, you can visit the ruins of the  12th century Cathedral of Sant’Eustachio. Return to the main trail and continue north until reaching the village of Minuta of Scala (m 415), where there is the XI-XII century cathedral of SS. Annunziata. From Minuta continue north until reaching the village of Campidoglio of Scala (m 492), where you will cross the 357 CAI path. Pass this intersection and take the staircase going up to “Punta delle Castagne” (m 695), from where, after crossing the intersection with 351a, you have to climbs until to reach the “Rifugio di Santa Maria dei Monti” (m 1039) via “Scalandrone”. At “Santa Maria dei Monti” you will cross the trail 353 CAI. After passing the intersection with this trail, continue north-east to reach the ridge of Monte Candelitto. At an altitude of 1109 m, leaving the main path and going to the right, you can commemorate the memorial plaque of swedish soldiers who died in an air crash occurred at that point during World War II. The lapidet is at 1138 m of altitude. To continue, you have to come back to the main trail at the altitude of 1109 mt and to go northwest along the path leading to the intersection with 300 (m 1158), where the trail ends.

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