CAI Monti Lattari


"Casali del Piano"

Starting Location Piano di Sorrento
Ending Location Piano di Sorrento

Trail info

Main info about the trail

How to get there
"Circumvesuviana" station in Piano di Sorrento
Points of interest along the trail
Station of Piano di Sorrento (89 mt), S.Agostino (171 mt), intersection trail 300 Castello Colonna Colli S.Pietro (350 mt), Chiesa Leggittimo (120 mt), Stazione Piano di Sorrento (89 mt)


This trail develops along narrow and winding tracks. It begins close to the “Circumvesuviana” station in Piano di Sorrento, whereabouts the “Old Bridge” of the “Vallone Lavitola” runs under the arch. It reaches S.Agostino, La Trinità, S.Maria, Colli S.Pietro and then descends to S.Liborio, S.Vito, Legittimo e Mortora making its return to the “Circumvesuviana” station in Piano di Sorrento.


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