CAI Monti Lattari


From Atrani to "Cerreto"

Starting Location Atrani (Atrani)
Ending Location Ravello (Cerreto)

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Main info about the trail

How to get there
The route starts from Piazza Umberto I of Atrani, where you can get by car or by SITA bus line Amalfi-Salerno. Atrani is about 700 meters far from Amalfi, where you can also get by SITA bus lines Sorrento-Amalfi or Agerola-Amalfi, and on summer also by ferries from Salerno, Capri, Positano and Sorrento.
Points of interest along the trail
Intersection  351 Atrani (5), Castiglione (98), Intersection 315b Torello (224), Intersection 315a 353 Lacco (376), Intersection 300 Cerreto (1090)
Water points
Atrani Torello Lacco


The trail starts from the main square of Atrani (Piazza Umberto I) (m 5), where you have to take the stairs behind the fountain. Go up until the carriageway and then walk this left for ten meters (pay attention to the cars!), Take the staircase (Via Proto Pisani) leading to the piazza of the beautiful Church of S. Maria Maddalena, dating back to 1274 (Via San Nicola). Take the step in front of the entrance of the church and, after a few meters, the other step on the right (Via Pastino), that, after a few meters, leads to the steep and panoramic staircase (Via Atrani) which leads to Castiglione di Ravello (m 98), where you can visit the Church of San Filippo and San Giacomo, dating to the X sec. Return to the trail and go along the staircase to the left and after a few meters along the right path leading to the Castiglione-Ravello road. Crossed this, take the staircase to the right, which leads in about 20 minutes to Marmorata, where it is reached when the trail again crosses the asphalt road. At this point, you have to go along the road for about 20 meters on the left and then take the staircase to the left (Via Casanova) leading to the hamlet of Torello di Ravello, passing Via Vallone. When you reach Torello (m 224), you will find the Church of San Michele Arcangelo, dating back to 1200. Go northwards until you reach Lacco di Ravello (m 376), where you meet in sequence Church of Santa Maria del Lacco, dating back to 1500, and the ancient church of San Trifone and San Martino, already existing in 1096. From Lacco begins the wooded part of the path, which develops along a dirt path that ends in the Cerreto area (m 1090) at the intersection with the Upper Trail of Chain of Monti Lattari (CAI 300). It is worth mentioning, at 533 m, the opportunity to visit the ruins of the fortifications of Fretta, where two heavy battles were consumed in 1135 and 1137, which saw the Pisani prevail over the Amalfi Coast marking the end of the Ducato of Amalfi.



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  1. Dal mare amalfitano alla seconda vetta dei Monti Lattari

    Sentiero che non presenta particolari problemi se non il dislivello notevole soprattutto nella parte iniziale per le innumerevoli scale che portano a Ravello. Bellissimo il tratto boschivo lungo i castagni in località Colle Creta.

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