CAI Monti Lattari


Upper trail of "The Path of the Gods"

Starting Location Agerola (Bomerano)
Ending Location Positano (Montepertuso)

Trail info

Main info about the trail


The trail was crossed by fires on August 2017. Now it is not easy to walk through the presence of trunks, snowmobiles and the disappearance of CAI signage

There are often some Maremmani dogs along the path, near the “Monte Tre Calli”, which must be addressed with care.

How to get there
Piazza Capasso in Bomerano
Points of interest along the trail
Piazza Capasso in Bomerano of Agerola (636), M.Tre Calli (1122), Capo Muro (1050), Caserma Forestale (767), Intersection 331 Montepertuso (400)
Water points


This trail has a trend almost parallel to the Path of the Gods, but at an higher level, from which its denomination.

From Piazza Capasso to Bomerano take the trail to M. Tre Calli, then continue for M. Calabrice on the ridge and go down to Capo Muro.

From Capo Muro you have to go west/northwest, you pass the landslide detached from M. Catiello reaching the Caserma Forestale. From the Caserma Forestale you have to go down to Montepertuso.

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