CAI Monti Lattari


Upper Trail of the chain of "Monti Lattari" (first part)

Starting Location Cava de Tirreni (Corpo di Cava)
Ending Location Tramonti (Monte Cerreto)

Trail info

Main info about the trail


The trail was crossed by fires on August 2017. Now it is not easy to walk through the presence of trunks, snowmobiles and the disappearance of CAI signage

How to get there
The trail begins from the Corpo di Cava district, where you can get by car or by CSTP bus line departing from Cava or Vietri Sul Mare.
Points of interest along the trail
Corpo di Cava (352), Intersection 302 Pertone (359), Intersection 303 Capodacqua (658), Intersection 303a Cappella Vecchia (694), Water Source Acquafredda (824), Intersection 305 307 Sanctuary of the Avvocata (873), Monti del Demanio, Intersection 302 Aria del Grano (898), Intersection 306a Foce di Pucara (875), Intersection 306 309 Foce di Tramonti (913), Vetta Sud Monte Finestra (1145), Intersection 308a Forcella Monte Finestra (1066), Intersection 308 Vetta Nord Monte Finestra (1138), Intersection 312b Pietrapiana (955), Intersection 312a Tuoro Sant'Angelo (897), Intersection 311 (884), Intersection 316 Le Chiancolelle (740), Intersection 310b 320 Valico di Chiunzi (650), Intersection 314 322 Tuoro di Cesarano (801), Tuoro di Stellante - Vena San Marco (885), Intersection 324 Vena Scalandrone (1028), Intersection 315d (1108), Vetta Monte Cerreto (1316).
Water points
Capodacqua Sorgente Acquafredda Santuario dell'Avvocata Pietrapiana Valico di Chiunzi


This trail is the first part of Upper Trail of the chain of “Monti Lattari” (in italian “Alta Via dei Monti Lattari”) that crosses the whole chain of the “Monti Lattari”, from Cava dei Tirreni to Punta Campanella/Termini. This first part ends on the peak of Mount Cerreto (Monte Cerreto). It begins from the “Vallone Bonea” located in the district of “Corpo di Cava” (352 mt) just left of the 1011 “Badia SS. Trinità”. From the entrance of the monastery, cross the bridge over the river Bonea. Take a right and then a left turn. Follow indications to the Sanctuary of the “Maria Santissima Avvocata” via “Capodacqua” (m 658), the “Cappella Vecchia” (m 694) and the “Sorgente Acquafredda” (m 824). At the summit (873 mt) lies the Sanctuary. The 1485 church deserves a look. To start the descent, back up 700 mt until the fork that leads to the “Monti del Demanio” and take a left northbound. This is the starting point of a very diffcult track, apt for expert trailers, that leads to the “Vetta nord del (northern peak of) Monte Finestra” via “Monti del Demanio” (m 855), the “Aria del Grano” (m 898), the “Foce di Pucara” (m 875), the “Foce di Tramonti” (m 913), the “Vetta Sud del (southern peak of) Monte Finestra” (m 1145) and the below lying “Forcella” (m 1066), also known as “Malopasso”. A simpler track begins at the “Vetta nord del (northern peak of) Monte Finestra” (1138) and leads to the “Valico di Chiunzi” via “Pietrapiana” (m 955), well known religious site, “Tuoro Sant’Angelo” (m 897) and “Le Chiancolelle” (m 740). The main road is to be found at the “Valico di Chiunzi” along with several restaurants and hotels. On the other side of the “Valico di Chiunzi”, the trail is exposed to the Vesuvius and the area named “Agro Nocerino Sarnese”. After a 200 mt descent along the road, there is a steep track on the left that leads to the 1453 “Torre di Chiunzi”. Proceed westbound along the track that leads to “Tuoro di Cesarano” (m 801) and then to “Tuoro di Stellante – Vena San Marco” (m 885). This is the starting point of a second very diffcult track, apt for expert trailers, that leads to the peak of “Monte Cerreto” (1316 mt) via the “Vena Scalandrone” (1028 mt)

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  1. Hiked most of the trail between Corpo di Cava and Nerano in late October ’17. Views are magnificent. With proper marketing, marking and maintenance this could easily become one of the most popular long distance hiking trails in Italy! Beware though: for now the marking is sporadic, often absent. Some parts of the trail are unrecognizable. Two areas where the trail is almost erased: Monte Demiano – Montalto (just north of Monte dell’ Avvocata) and the southbound descent of Monte Cerreto (towards Monte Rotondo), directly after the top. Please note that GPS does NOT always work, so bring a paper map and compass just in case. A pleasant surprise was the descent from Torca towards the Conca del Sogno Beach – despite warnings that this trail is in bad shape, it is actually not that bad, at least not compared to other stretches of the CAI 300.

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