CAI Monti Lattari


From 308 to "Forcella del Monte Finestra"

Starting Location Cava de Tirreni
Ending Location Cava de Tirreni (Forcella del Monte Finestra)

Trail info

Main info about the trail


The trail was crossed by fires on August 2017. Now it is not easy to walk through the presence of trunks, snowmobiles and the disappearance of CAI signage

How to get there
The starting point is attainable by foot via trail 308 CAI
Points of interest along the trail
Intersection 308 (m 500), Intersection 300 Forcella del Monte Finestra (1066).


The trail connects trail 308 to “Forcella del Monte Finestra”. It begins at the intersection with trail 308 (500 mt), leftbound towards “Forcella del Monte Finestra” (1066 mt) where the hole (Finestra, literally window) that gives the name to the mountain is clearly visible.

From Instagram #caimontilattari308a

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  1. Ad oggi il sentiero rimane percorribile, pulito e ben segnalato. Consiglio (se lo inserite in un anello) di percorrerlo come qui proposto in salita piuttosto che in discesa per via delle difficoltà tecniche del sentiero.

  2. Il sentiero è totalmente percorrabile adesso e con una segnaletica efficente!
    Da sopra, una vista mozzafiata!

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