CAI Monti Lattari


From Campinola to the "Upper trail of the chain of Monti Lattari"

Starting Location Tramonti (Campinola)
Ending Location Tramonti

Trail info

Main info about the trail


The trail was crossed by fires on August 2017. Now it is not easy to walk through the presence of trunks, snowmobiles and the disappearance of CAI signage

How to get there
The trail begins at the village of Campinola, where you can get by car or by SITA bus line Maiori-Chiunzi. The starting point is located in Via San Sebastiano, just a few hundred meters from the church having the same name.
Points of interest along the trail
Intersection 310 Campinola (403), Pizzo Falcone (664), Intersection 300 (886)


The trail connects the 310CAI and 300CAI and allows you to reach the “Upper Trail of the chain of Monti Lattari” from the hamlet of Campinola of Tramonti.
It begins in Via San Sebastiano (m 403), just a few hundred meters from the homonymous Church. Continue in the northeast direction until reaching the road Chiunzi-Maiori. After walking for about 200 meters in the direction of Maiori, on the left, you will find the gravel point of the mountain path leading to the “Upper Trail of the chain of Monti Lattari” (m 886), where it ends. The route passes by Pizzo Falcone (m 664), a very panoramic point on Tramonti, where, in World War II, German militias held a point of artillery that made very troublesome the advancement of allied troops landed at Maiori.


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  1. Il sentiero non è in condizioni da fare una passeggiata semplice.La vegetazione copre i segnali cai e poco battuta.E’ facile perdersi ed è un peccato che sia cosi.

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