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The Path of the Gods

Starting Location Agerola (Bomerano)
Ending Location Positano (Nocelle)

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Main info about the trail

How to get there
The trail begins in Piazza P. Capasso in the village of Bomerano of Agerola, attainable via car or SITA bus line Amalfi-Agerola.
Points of interest along the trail
Intersection 329 Bomerano (620), Intersection 354 (600), Grotta Biscotto (630), Intersection 327a Colle La Serra (578), Intersection 327b (570), Intersection 327a (550), Intersection 331 329b Nocelle (437)
Water points
Colle La Serra Bomerano Nocelle


The trail allows to go from the village of Bomerano of Agerola to the village of Nocelle of Positano and to admire some of the most picturesque views of the Amalfi Coast.
From Piazza Capasso proceed south-west along the narrow slope between the houses. After a while, turn right to cross a wooden deck leading to the overhanging paved road. Take the latter southwest for a few hundred meters. At the end of this, the pedestrian path begins, which in a few minutes leads to the “Grotta del Biscotto” (in english “Cave Biscuit”) (m 630), so called for the friability of its rocky walls. On the opposite side, you can admire two ruins that are an example of rock typical architecture of the area.
Continue along the same path until to reach Colle La Serra (m 578). At this point, the path disappears. Going to the left is more exposed but also more scenic. Going to the right, take the 327a which is less panoramic but more suitable for those who suffer from dizziness. The two trails meet again after about 1.3 km. The route ends at Nocelle (m 437).

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  1. I am interested to learn when the Path of the Gods (near/leading to Nocelle) will re-open. We are planning to be in the region in August 2018. Thank you

    1. Until Now we are not able to tell you when the path will reopen. We know that the Parco dei Monti Lattari together with the Genio Civile yesterday made an inspection on the spot to estimate the extent of the work to restore the path.
      Continue to follow us on this site and on the Facebook group for updates.

      Non siamo in grado al momento di dirti quando il percorso si riaprirà. Sappiamo che il Parco dei Monti Lattari insieme al Genio Civile ieri ha effettuato un’ispezione sul posto per stimare l’entità del lavoro per ripristinare il percorso.
      Continua a seguirci su questo sito e sul gruppo Facebook per gli aggiornamenti.

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