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From "Fiordo di Furore" to Bomerano

Starting Location Furore (Fiordo di Furore)
Ending Location Agerola (Bomerano)

Trail info

Main info about the trail

How to get there
The trail begins at the "Fiordo di Furore", where you can get by car (it is difficult to park) or by SITA bus Amalfi-Sorrento line.
Points of interest along the trail
Intersection 317 Fiordo di Furore (41), Sant'Elia (253), Grotte di Santa Barbara (506), Intersection 327 Bomerano (600)
Water points


From the left side of the Fjord, take the staircase going north-east and then west until you reach the hamlet of “Sant’Elia” (m 253), where is the homonymous church. Continue westward until you reach the deep valley named “Vallone della Praia”, which you have to climb north-east. The trail leads to the caves “Grotte di Santa Barbara” (m 506), from where you have to proceed north until to reach the hamlet Bomerano of Agerola (600 m), where the trail ends at the intersection with the Path of the Gods.

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