CAI Monti Lattari


Higher alternative trail of the "Path of the Gods"

Starting Location Praiano (Colle La Serra)
Ending Location Praiano

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How to get there
The trail is an higher variant of the Path of the Gods, which starts from Colle La Serra.
Points of interest along the trail
Intersection 327 Colle La Serra (578), Intersection 327 (550)


The path is a variant of the Path of Gods, which allows you to avoid its most exposed part so that it can also be carried out by those who suffer from dizziness. This is a variant that develops at a slightly higher altitude and, for this reason, is definite high variation. It begins from Colle La Serra (m 578), where you need to take the right path that will last for about 1.3 Km, until it joins again on the 327.



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  1. Attenzione ai pressi della grotta del biscotto, presenza di cani a guardia di gregge. Sono molto aggressivi per un pelo e spirito di reazione di un’amico presente, non ci hanno aggredito

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