CAI Monti Lattari


From Minori to Torello

Starting Location Minori
Ending Location Ravello (Torello)

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How to get there
The route begins in "Via San Giovanni a Mare" of Minori, that is the staircase at the end of the city's seafront towards Amalfi, a few meters after the curve, to the left of the road. In Minori it is possible to arrive by car (there are difficulties to park) or by SITA bus Amalfi-Salerno line or, from April to October, with the Travelmar ferry (line Amalfi-Salerno with intermediate stops).
Points of interest along the trail
Minori (5), Intersection 315 Torello (224)
Water points


Go up the stairs “Via San Giovanni a Mare” until you cross the road. Cross it and take the stairway to the other side of the road. Go up to the Minori cemetery (m 36) and then again until you reach Torello di Ravello (m 224), where the route ends at the intersection with 315.


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