CAI Monti Lattari


From Maiori to Convent of San Nicola and then to Ravello

Starting Location Maiori (Maiori Piazza D'Amato)
Ending Location Ravello (Cerreto)

Trail info

Main info about the trail


After the map was printed in 2014, the trail has undergone some changes in the stretch between Sambuco and the Mandrino. The new track is already visible on the site. The downloadable gpx file corresponds to the new track.

How to get there
The route starts from the central square "Piazza D'Amato" of Maiori, where you can get by car or by Sita bus Amalfi-Salerno line. "Piazza D'Amato" is located along the main street "Corso Reginna" which is pedestrian zone.
Points of interest along the trail
Maiori (5), Intersection 315c (287), Convento San Nicola (478), Intersection 315d 315e Mandrino (442), Intersection 315f Sambuco (320), Intersection 315 Lacco (376)


From Piazza D’Amato (m 5) take the steep stairway to the left of the fountain, which in few minutes reaches the main church of Maiori, called “Collegiata di Santa Maria a Mare”, built in 1505. From the church square take the staircase on the left until reaching the path called “Dei Limoni” (of the lemons) because it is located along the terraces of lemons. The trail, very panoramic, goes on for about 20 minutes until reaching the stretch over the Maiori harbor, where the staircase to the right should be taken at the altitude of 143 mt. You have to climb that staircase up to the altitude m 460, where you can find the branch that allows you to arrive in a few minutes at the Convent of St. Nicholas, dating back to the 11th century (m 478). After visiting the convent, return to m 460 and take the main path leading to “Mandrino” (m 442), an important intersection between the 315e coming from Tramonti and the 315d leading the Upper Trail of the chain of Monti Lattari. From “Mandrino” go downhill to the left, until reaching the village of Sambuco of Ravello (m 320). From Sambuco you have to walk along the road to Ravello for about 2.5 km, until to reach the hamlet Lacco of Ravello (m 376), where the route ends at the intersection with the 315 CAI.


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  1. Un sentiero bellisimo con una vista straordinaria.
    Puo confundire un po l’inizio perche sono varie scale diverse senza uscita ma il resto del percorso e segnalato corretamente

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