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Trail of "Passatiello"

Starting Location Capri (Piazza Umberto I (La piazzetta di Capri))
Ending Location Capri (Piazza Umberto I (La piazzetta di Capri))

Trail info

Main info about the trail


Exposed and slippery stretchs.

How to get there
You can get to Piazzetta from the port of Marina Grande, by funicular, walking along the road or by bus.
Points of interest along the trail
Capri Piazza Umberto I°/Piazzetta (142), Passetiello, M.S.Maria (491), S.M.Cetrella (476), M.Solaro (588), Intersection 391 Anacapri (280), Scala Fenicia, Chiesa S.Costanzo (67), Capri Piazza Umberto I°/Piazzetta (142)
Water points
Piazza Umberto I (La piazzetta di Capri)


The trail begins from the famous square “Piazzetta” of Capri and runs for about an half along the typical streets of Capri. You will encounter a stretch of trail on natural soil after about 25 minutes from the start and until to arrive almost to Anacapri.
The remaining path is on a narrow street or stairs. The arrival at the top of “Monte Solaro” is bypassing a barrier that partially blocks. From the top you have to go down the stairs of the funicular side Anacapri where you can also take the trail 392.
Arrived at Anacapri in via Alex Munthe, continue on the right onto the staircase “Scala Fenicia”. Instead, going to the left, you can get to the 391 footpath. At the crossroads of S.Costanzo, instead of going up to the Piazzetta to complete the trail, you can go straight to get directly to Marina Grande, where is the port.


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