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Trail of "Fortini"

Starting Location Anacapri (via Alex Munthe)
Ending Location Capri (Punta Carena)

Trail info

Main info about the trail


Exposed and slippery stretchs.

How to get there
The trail begins from the street "Via Alex Munthe", which can be reached on foot via trail 390 via the "Scala Fenicia" or by bus to Anacapri (stop Piazza della Vittoria). It is also possible to reach by a longer trail, walking the trail 390 to the Passetiello and from the top of Monte Solaro, walking down the trail 392.
Points of interest along the trail
Intersection 390 Anacapri (280), Piazza della Vittoria (277), Piazza Diaz (275), Grotta Azzurra (30), Fortini, Punta Carena (41)


The trail begins from Anacapri at the street “Via Alex Munthe”, passing through the square “Piazza della Vittoria” (bus stop). From “Piazza della Vittoria” go down to Piazza Diaz and the Blue Grotto, which you will reach on the right at the end of a steep descent. Continue west and on the trail of “Fortini” reaching in sequence the “Fortino di Orrico”, the “Forra dell’Acanto”, the crossroad to the “Fortino di Mesola”, the “Calcara”, the “Fiordo d’argento”, the “Fortino di Pino” and “Punta Carena”.

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