CAI Monti Lattari


The "Pizzolungo"

Starting Location Capri
Ending Location Capri (Piazza Umberto I (La piazzetta di Capri))

Trail info

Main info about the trail


Slippery stretch when it rains.

How to get there
The trail begins from "Via Tamborio", getting after walking on the first stretch of trail 393.
Points of interest along the trail
Intersection 393 via Tamborio (190), Arco Naturale, Grotta Matermania (150), Via Pizzolungo, Belvedere Tragara, Via Tragara, Via Camerelle, Via Cerio, Certosa di S.Giacomo (96), Via Le Botteghe, Capri Piazza Umberto I°/Piazzetta (142).


From “Via Tamborio” reach “Via Matermania” and follow the indications for the “Arco Naturale”, reachable continuing instead of going down the stairs to “Pizzolungo”. After visiting “Arco Naturale”, walk down the staircase “Pizzolungo” until to reach the cave “Gotta di Matermania”, the “Villa Malaparte” and the “Faraglioni”. At the “Belvedere di Punta Tragara” continue towards NNW until the intersection for the “Certosa di S.Giacomo” and the “Gardens of Augusto”. The trail continues until to the “Piazzetta” of Capri, but from the “Gardens of Augusto” you can go to visit the famous “Via Krupp”, “Villa Pierini” and the “Grotta delle Felci”, not far from Marina Piccola.

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