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From Amalfi to "Punta d'Aglio"

Starting Location Amalfi (Salita dei Patroni)
Ending Location Scala (Punta d'Aglio)

Trail info

Main info about the trail

How to get there
The route begins in Via Salita dei Patroni of Amalfi, riching going up the main street of Amalfi (Via Lorenzo d'Amalfi, Via Pietro Capuano and Via Marino del Giudice) for about 800 mt. Via Salita dei Patroni is the first staircase on the right that you will meet after Piazza Spirito Santo. Amalfi can be reached by car (but it is difficult to park, especially from April to October), or by SITA buses Salerno-Amalfi and Sorrento-Amalfi lines or, from April to October, by ferries departing from Salerno, Capri, Positano or Sorrento. The bus and ferry terminals are about 50 meters far from the beginning of the main street of Amalfi. Car parks about 2-300 meters.
Points of interest along the trail
Intersection 325 Amalfi (Salita dei Patroni) (18), Intersection 351 Pontone (Piazza San Giovanni) (274), Intersection 323a Pontone (Via Noce) (290), Intersection 357 Punta d'Aglio (505)
Water points
Fontana Piazza San Giovanni Fontana Via Noce


Walk along “Via dei Patroni” (18) for about 300 meters, until the ceramic panel depicting the Madonna. Then take the staircase to the right, which in about 30 minutes leads to the village Pontone (274). Reach the central square of the hamlet, c.d. Piazza San Giovanni, where you will find the 1100 homonymous church, from which you have to go left (Via Noce) then take the second staircase to the right (Via Santo – Janni).
This staircase leads to the upper part of the village and, after a short downhill section, leads to the other ancient staircase leading to Punta D’Aglio (505), where the route ends at the intersection with path 357.


Historical info

The route extends along an ancient staircase dating back to the time of the Ducato of Amalfi (839-1142), which connected the Amalfi seafront village to the Scala fortifications. Pontone was the castle of the first refuge of the inhabitants of Amalfi, c.d. Castrum Scalelle, where, thanks to this steep staircase, the population could quickly escape from Saracen attacks from the sea, whose sighting was about two hours before landing. The next step of the staircase led to the Castle of Scala, an upper fortified mount, where the local population could take refuge during the sieges of the city.

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  1. Bei panorami

    Prevalentemente su scale in risalita sotto il costone di roccia fra Amalfi e Pontone. Sentiero ottimo, lievemente impegnativo con gradevoli panorami visibili verso Punta dell’Aglio.

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