CAI Monti Lattari


Trail "Zappino"

Starting Location Pimonte
Ending Location Pimonte (Chiesa di Pino)

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How to get there
Road from Gragnano to Agerola, at the hamlet "Franche" of Pimonte, along a bend just before the cemetery.
Points of interest along the trail
S.Lucia di Pimonte (393), Intersection 332 Pino (576)


The trail “Zappino” connects the top of the hill of Pino, at altitude 575 m, with the periphery of the village of Pimonte.
The trail begins along the path leading to the “Grotta della Madonna”, on the left of the “Vallone di Ponte Resicco”, at altitude 456 m. From the village on the left side of the “Vallone Ponte Resicco” go south until the bottom of the valley. After 450 meters from the start, cross the river at the cave of the statue of the Madonna.
This stretch of the trail runs downhill at the foot of a rocky, cement-clad slope excavated by the torrent in the “conoid” of Resicco. The debris released from this accumulate at the foot creating a slope with an angle of about 45°. From the bottom of “Valle Resicco”, the trail continues into a chestnut tree surrounded by dense vegetation. At the end of the promontory contour, convex to the south, the trail, with a sub-flat course, crosses the valley bottom of the “Vallone Zappino” at altitude of 507 m. After crossing the Zappino stream, the path goes down in a sweet descent until to altitude of 450 m and then continues in a chestnut and fruit tree until to the slope, at the place named “Cretara”. From here to the northernmost side of the next hill (altitude 537), you enter the heart of the “Monti Lattari”. From this point you are going to traverse places  with gigantic stumps of chestnut tree, planted in the clay and in the white pumice, deeper than a meter. After this last very wide and sloping stretch, the trail is uphill. At the slope called “Mannarosa”, along the cedar wood, the stone outcrops are more frequent and the trail resumes climbing up through the forests between “Casarelle” (downstream) and “Mannarosa” (upstream) until to the southern end, at altitude of 606 mt.
The path, in this uncomfortably stretch, leads to the dirt road of the “Comunità Montana”, less than 500 meters from the final destination of the church of Santa Maria di Pino, at altitude of 560 mt.


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  1. Dopo la pendice di Mannarosa in direzione Pino si è verificato uno sbancamento del vallone, con caduta di tronchi, che ostruisce il sentiero.

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