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"Tavernate" Chestnut trail

Starting Location Amalfi (San Basilio)
Ending Location Amalfi (Tavernate)

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How to get there
The trail begins in the Amalfi district of San Basilio. Amalfi is attainable via car, SITA bus (both from Salerno and Sorrento). From April to October, Travelmar operates daily ferries from Salerno, Capri and Positano.
Points of interest along the trail
Intersection 325 San Basilio di Amalfi (45 mt), Intersection 361a Pogerola (318 mt), Tavernate (500 mt), Intersection 301 Paradiso (498 mt), Intersection 325a (356 mt)
Water points


The trail connects Amalfi to the village of Pogerola and to the sorrounding woods, well known for the chestnut trees. Morevoer, the lower and the upper part of the “Valle delle Ferriere” are easily attainable from here. The trail begins from the Amalfi district of San Basilio (45 m), where you can get walking along the main street in Amalfi and then Via Marino del Giudice. 100 meters after the “Arco della Faenza”, on the left hand side, introduce oneself in Via Casamare, starting point of the district of San Basilio. Follow the main road for 200 meters until the starting point of the steps to Pogerola (318 mt), once a fortress of the dukedom of Amalfi named Castrum Pigellule. The 1517 Sanctuary of the “Madonna delle Grazie” and the 1140 church of “Santa Maria Vergine” are located around the main square. At the end of steps to Pogerola, take a right until “Tavernate” (500 mt) and just after to “Paradiso” (498 mt) where the trail meets the upper path of “Valle delle Ferriere”. From here, move right and downhill towards the intersection with trail 325a (356 mt) ending point of trail 359.

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