CAI Monti Lattari


The Main Street of the Villages

Starting Location Amalfi (Piazza Duomo)
Ending Location Agerola (San Lazzaro)

Trail info

Main info about the trail


Deviation at Km 2. Once at the church of Lone you have to take the carriage road due to a break along the path in the area of the cemetery of Vettica.

How to get there
The trail begins from Amalfi center and precisely from Piazza Duomo. Amalfi can be reached by car or by SITA bus Salerno-Amalfi or Sorrento-Amalfi lines, or, from April to October, by ferries from Salerno, Capri and Positano.
Points of interest along the trail
Intersection 325 Amalfi (7), Vagliendola (50), Intersection 361a Pastena (96), Lone (157), Vettica Minore (200), Intersection 317 Tovere (397), Intersection 361b (530), San Lazzaro (640)


This trail connects Amalfi to the village of “San Lazzaro” in Agerola, moving thorugh the villages of Pastena, Lone, Vettica and Tovere all located in Amalfi. It begins in Piazza Duomo in Amalfi (7 mt) hence introducing oneself in the alley opposite the cathedral’s steps to get to Piazza dei Dogi. From here, follow the steps named “San Nicola dei Greci” that lead to the district of “Vagliendola” (50 mt) where the 1082 church of San Biagio (50 mt) is located. Move along the scenic Via Annunziatella, dominated by the famous “Convento dei Cappuccini”, originally a 13th century Capuchin monk monastery and now a hotel. At the end of “Via Annunziatella”, just opposite the main entrance of the hotel, walk through “Via Longfellow” at the end of which, on the opposite side of the road, you will find Via Maestra dei Villaggi. This path cuts through the villages of Pastena, Lone, Vettica and Tovere all located in Amalfi. Along the way are located the 15th century church of “Santa Maria del Pino” (96 mt) and the 1204 church of “Santa Maria Vergine” (157 mt). Close to the cemetery of Vettica, a 650 meter walk along the main road will bring to the steps that lead to the village of Vettica Minore (200 mt), home to the 13th century church of “San Michele Arcangelo”. Just after the church, follow the left side of the main road for 100 meters. Take the steps on the right and climb up to the village of Tovere (397 meters) first and then up to the village of San Lazzaro in Agerola (640 meters), final location of this trail.



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