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The Trail of "Monte Muto"

Starting Location Casola di Napoli
Ending Location Lettere (Fontanile Valle del Pericolo)

Trail info

Main info about the trail

How to get there
From Casola of Napoli, on the road Gragnano-Lettere ("Via Roma"), turn right: "Via delle Selve". From Orsano, at the village Canali, where is the fountain.
Points of interest along the trail
Incoronata di Casola di Napoli (170), M.Muto (668), Intersection 345 Fontanile (567)
Water points
Fontanile Valle del Pericolo


From Via Roma (Gragnano-Lettere road) of Casola di Napoli, turn right on “Via delle Selve”, go all the way until to the Balzo farm and continue on the well traced and visible climbing mule track that leads to the ridge of “Monte Mulo”, at an intersection on cement-road.
Turn left on the uphill road and keep the ridge of “Monte Mulo”, avoiding the left shifts.
The trail, become unpaved, crosses chestnut forest and is not always visible.
Continue following the crest until to reach an holm forest on the right, the peak of “Monte Muto” (near an high voltage electrical pylon), a lower vegetation of ferns, heading towards Lettere.
The crest becomes panoramic in many points.
In the final section there are yellow and red signs (not CAI) that, crossing the mountain left, lead into the pass of Canali, where there is a fountain.
In this section the floor is in pyroplastic stones that make the trail almost invisible, but having the fountain as reference, you will get to the intersection with path 345.

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  1. Alberi abbattuti lungo il sentiero

    Segnalo (23-07-2019) che il sentiero nella parte iniziale da Casola, tra le curve di livello 300-400 metri, è pesantemente ostruito da alberi di discrete dimensioni abbattuti sulla mulattiera. Si passa solo armati di buona forza di volontà, ed i tempi sono di conseguenza abbastanza più lunghi.

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