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The Trails "Lubrensi" from Sorrento

Starting Location Sorrento
Ending Location Sorrento

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How to get there
SS145 or Circumvesuviana Station of Sorrento; along Corso Italia di Sorrento you reach Via Capo. Immediately after the Nube d'Argento campsite turn left, in a slight climb, and follow Via Capodimonte.
Points of interest along the trail
Via Capodimonte Sorrento (100), M.Corbo (240), Massalubrense (0), Intersection 343 S.Maria Annunziata (201), Via Capodimonte Sorrento (100)


Along Corso Italia di Sorrento you reach Via Capo. Immediately after the Nube d’Argento campsite turn left, in a slight climb, and follow Via Capodimonte, where begins the CAI 343 Trail (which, besides the center of Massa Lubrense, touches the hamlets of Santa Maria Annunziata and then Marina of the Lobra).
Continue uphill, following the fork on the right Via Priora and then Via Monte Corbo, to the point of maximum climb of the itinerary. It continues by surpassing a series of crossroads to the center of Massa Lubrense.
From the center of Massa, after entering Mortella Street, you reach Santa Maria about 1 km away.

After 700 meters you reach the belvedere of Annunziata, from where you can admire a breathtaking view over Capri and the whole Gulf of Naples.

From this location you continue down to the cemetery of San Liberatore and then, for Marina della Lobra, a characteristic seaside village whose houses overlook a beautiful staircase that leads to the sea.

And this is where you can stop for lunch and bathing.

Continue along the track made a few years ago behind the breakwater cliffs that connect the seaside village to the Riviera of Marcigliano and San Montano, then through a steep and narrow staircase hidden between the villages, we will reach the uphill road that will take us to the Provincial Sorrento – Massa Lubrense, where we will return to Sorrento.

After a short stretch of the Provincial Road, from the junction of San Montano to the Restaurant Riccardo Francischiello, a short stone staircase leads to a small trail that will lead us between olive groves and panoramas to the upper area of ​​the Cape of Sorrento. Continuing on Via Pantano shortly we will be back to Capodimonte, a place to meet and then to Via Capo.

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1 comment

  1. Passeggiata bella e varia!

    Una bella passeggiata tra campagna, uliveti e stradine nei piccoli borghi che si incontrano lungo l’itinerario, con piacevole pausa pranzo sulla scogliera di Marina della Lobra.
    Noi non ci abbiamo impiegato le 6 ore scritte nelle indicazioni, ma circa 4 ore e mezza inclusa sosta panino di mezz’ora.
    Consigliata, adatta a tutti se piace camminare, e anche ben segnata da indicazioni su maioliche e segnali rossi ben visibili.

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