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Alternative trail to the "Trail of the 13 Churces"

Starting Location Tramonti (Incrocio 310-310a)
Ending Location Tramonti (Paterno Sant'Arcangelo)

Trail info

Main info about the trail


On 2020 the trail has been modified in some part. The new can be downloaded from the site in gpx or kml file. PDF map is updated. The marks on the ground reflect the new route. The CAI map and the smartphone apps (Osmand and similar) are being updated. We apologize for the inconvenience.

How to get there
The path can be started indifferently from one of its two ends. Starting from the west side, it begins from a small country way, reachable on foot from the Maiori-Chiunzi road, in Ponte hamlet, where it is possible to arrive by car or by SITA bus Maiori-Tramonti line. From the east side, it starts from the Paterno Sant'Arcangelo hamlet, exactley from the Church of the Ascension, where it is not possible to arrive by bus (the closest bus stop is in Polvica, 1,5 km far from it).
Points of interest along the trail

Incrocio 310 (321), Putiella (m 290), Polvica (300), Casa Salsano (278), Incrocio 310 Paterno Sant'Arcangelo (270)


This path complets the “Trail of the 13 Churches” allowing to visit the Polvica hamlet, the central hamlet in Tramonti, where the Town Hall and the 1400 Convent of San Francesco, are located.
It can be used to visit this hamlet or to plane a circular route of Tramonti shorter then the “Trail of 13 Churches”. Obviously, doing it an half of the Tramonti hamlets will be visited.
Also, it is very useful to walk to the opposite side of the village reaching the destinations over this. Like, for example, to go from Ponte hamlet to Amalfi.
Now we will describe it doing a walk from west to east.
From the junction with 310trail in Pontone hamlet, this trail follows the downhill country way to Vallone Campinola (290 m) passing trought “La Putiella” (290 m), a place where there is an old fountain, in the past used by the local population to have drink water. Passed this place, the way goes up to the Convent of San Francesco (314 m), where the 1400 church is located. Like all the Tramonti churches of Tramonti, it can be visited only during mass time or making prior arrangements with a local guide.
From the Convent, it continues along the left downhill staircase to Piazza Treviso, where the Tramonti Town Hall is located.
The path continues to the left, but the center of the Polvica hamlet is on the opposite side, about 200 meters away.
Therefore, to visit this hamlet, you have to leave the path and to go to Piazza Polvica, where the San Giovanni Battista church and some shops are located, including a bar and a pastry shop.
In Polvica, about 100 meters from the Town Hall towards Corsano, there are also the ruins of a roman villa dating back to the 1st century. a.C. The site cannot be visited because under excavation.
Back on the path, you need to walk along the road towards Maiori for about 50 meters and then to get the ancient stone staircase on the right. This staircase ends again on the roadway to Maiori, which must be walked for about 300 meters until reaching Casa Salsano (278 m).
At this point, you have to get the country way on the right.
This way descends to the valley below, where there is an ancient mill which worked until the 1960s at the service of local farmers for grinding wheat and producing flour.
After crossing the valley, you have to get the small way that goes up to the Church of the Ascension, where the trail ends at the intersection with the 310 Trail, in the Paterno Sant’Arcangelo hamlet (270 m).

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  1. Provare per credere

    Sentiero davvero suggestivo e caratteristico tra i vigneti e i limoneti immerso nella natura dove si respira un’atmosfera di pace e tranquillità e dove si può vivere al 100% la costiera.
    Doveroso ringraziare Matteo e Danilo due ottime guide preparate e molto attente alla cura del territorio.


    Il percoso è eccezionale, alla scoperta di Tramonti con le sue mille bellezze e risorse.
    Accessibile a tutti.
    Un ringraziamento è doveroso farlo a due guide, Matteo e Danilo, che oltre a farci conoscere questo magnifico posto ci hanno deliziato con prodotti tipici locali.

  3. Bellissima!

    Un percorso bellissimo, immerso nella natura.
    L’occasione per visitare tutte le bellezze di Tramonti in una magnifica passeggiata.


    Un percorso extraurbano con bellezze Uniche, io direi “L’altra costiera”, si perché c’è Pace, accoglienza e bellezza!

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